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About My Social Media Marketing Service

Social Media Marketing Service

Social media marketing is the use of social platforms to achieve goals like increasing brand awareness or sales, by sharing and boosting the right contents to target audiences.

My social media marketing service can make your business go viral in your target market on social platforms, generating leads and sales or achieving other objectives.


Suitable for marketing to consumers.


Suitable for marketing to consumers.


Suitable for marketing to businesses.

The Advantages Of Social Media Marketing

Brand Awareness

SMM increases your brand awareness rapidly to a huge pool of audiences, thanks to the social interactions functions of like, comment, and share. SMM is the fastest way to spread your brand.

High Conversion Rate

High likelihood of users enquiring and responding in social media platforms because it is convenient for users direct communication with businesses using social chat messenger. Then convert these leads into sales using re-marketing.

Richer Experience

Your audiences can experience a better way of receiving the message on what you are promoting with the usage of photos and videos on social platforms.  

My Social Media Marketing Service Stages


SMM Audit

An audit will be conducted on the company social media presence to see which social platforms are best for your business nature to leverage.


SMM Plan

I will work on a SMM plan for your company. This includes contents to post and paid campaigns planning for your products and/or services.



The SMM plan will start running on social media. You will gain social interactions such as likes and comments, as well as leads and sales.



I will analyse the SMM progress and make necessary adjustments, ensuring all campaigns are aligned with your business branding.



SMM report will be sent to you on a monthly basis to show you the campaign progress. You will also gain valuable insights from your social media campaigns.

Go Viral With My Social Media Marketing Service

Share Relevant Content

Generate Leads From Enquiries

Convert Leads Into Sales

Social media marketing is great for building your brand to the general public. I will leverage on all suitable and trending social media platforms, increasing your leads and sales for your business with my social media marketing service.

Social Media Marketing Service

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