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About My SEM Service

SEM Service

Search Engine Marketing, commonly known as SEM, is the process of increasing website visibility by paying for advertisements on search engines.

My SEM service can help you instantly outrank your competitors in Google search engine by running pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns in its network.

  • Search Ads
    Appear in Google search results when people search for terms that are relevant to your keywords.
  • Display Ads
    Show ads to relevant customers as they browse sites, videos, and apps across the Internet.

The Advantages Of SEM

Instantly Outrank

You outrank your competitors instantly for your targeted keywords in search engines. Paid advertisements are above all search engines organic results.

Trackable & Measurable

SEM allows you to track and measure your campaigns result with indicators like conversions. Useful marketing insights will also be generated from your campaigns.

Highly Flexible

You take full control of all advertisements you run on search engines, where you are able to edit or stop any campaigns for any reasons, not worrying you will exceed your budget.

My SEM Service Stages


SEM Assessment

Products and services of yours and competitors are assessed to ensure peak SEM performance in reaching your business goals. 


SEM Plan

I will work on a SEM plan for your website. Things I would share with you before execution are which keywords to bid for, use search and/or display ads.



SEM execution will start after you agree to the plan. All the planned campaigns will be set up and run on Google search engine and/or its network.



I will monitor the SEM progress and continuously do all the necessary adjustments. You will see users searching for your competitors, click on your ad.



The SEM performance report will be sent to you on a monthly basis. Useful marketing insights like your audiences demographics are also available too.

Grow With Our SEM Service

Shine In All Google Network

Gain Quality Traffic With Leads

Convert Leads Into Sales

SEM is useful for both short and long term digital marketing strategy depending on your business activity. I will optimise all keywords costing, ensuring you get the best possible results out of your budget. Kickstart your PPC campaigns with our SEM management service today!

SEM Service

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SEM Service F.A.Q

Managed by an expert in digital marketing, SEM service helps scale up your business on the internet by increasing visibility through paid ads.

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