4 Great SEO Tips
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  • Author: Bryan Ng
  • Published: 28 Nov 2019
  • Updated: 28 Nov 2019
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SEO Tips

Before you go on reading, you should know what is search engine optimisation (SEO), how to execute it, and are already ranking your website on search engine result pages (SERPs)

You are looking for website SEO tips to push your rankings further up in SERPs, especially Google’s, the most popular and widely used search engine platform.

Here are my basic SEO tips and advanced SEO tips that will work in both static and dynamic (e-commerce) websites.

Basic SEO Tips

Wish to drive up your SERPs ranking? Use these basic SEO tips:

Updating Content

Basic SEO Tips

Many people will focus on publishing new posts and forget about their existing ones. If you are guilty of this, then get ready to work.

Search engines like Google love new contents including updating what you’ve already published and ranking for.

Whatever you are writing, keep your content updated to the latest trend in the industry.

You can’t expect to rank up in SERPs without any ongoing effort.

Also, many sources and WordPress SEO plugins are recommending a minimum of 600-700 words per page. Are you at least getting this amount?

Basic SEO Tips

According to Search Engine Journal, the average Google first page results contain 1890 words.

I would recommend hitting 2,000 to 2,500 words, the more the better isn’t it?

Just bear in mind to keep inline with white hat SEO guidelines and avoid resorting to black hat SEO like keywords stuffing.

You might also miss out in utilising image alternative text in your content, check that.

Page Comparison

Basic SEO Tips

Comparison is the most basic step which could be used in any strategy planning.

Search up for your targeted keywords and find those who rank on the top few of the SERPs.

Take a good look on these pages, do you have what they have? If you’ve noticed, good. Start editing.

However, if you are certain that your contents are equal or better than theirs, then I am pretty sure you may have missed out some off-page and technical SEO components such as:

  • Backlinks
Basic SEO Tips

Run a backlinks analysis on both your competitor’s and your page. Personally, I am using Neil Patel Backlinks Tool or ahrefs Backlink Checker.

Compare the different amount of backlinks and its quality, is it still equal or better?

  • Website Speed
Basic SEO Tips

Run page speed tests on your competitor’s page and yours using Google PageSpeed Insights.

You should be at least in the yellow range.

Don’t forget to keep many other SEO components intact too.

Advanced SEO Tips

Are your pages already ranking at the bottom of page 1 or dwelling around the top of page 2?

Well, ensure you’ve already done my basic SEO tips then use these advanced SEO tips to further pump your rankings:

Insert Relevant Keywords

Advanced SEO Tips

Go to your keywords tool, I recommend Google Keyword Planner or Ubersuggest, key in your target keyword and generate a list of relevant keywords.

Now, apply these keywords in your on-page SEO components including your SERP tags, remember to be relevant and natural.

Wait patiently for Google bots to crawl your website, you’ll see a soar in your rankings.

Schema Markup

Advanced SEO Tips

Are you utilising scheme markup on your pages yet? You can apply schema markup to your pages for categories that can be found in schema.org.

Schema markup is a coding practice that enables Google Search Engine to display your website differently in SERPs.

Are you using WordPress and looking for ways to insert schema markup for your pages? Check out my article on ultimate SEO plugins for WordPress.

This advanced SEO tip allows your pages to stand out from your competitors in SERPs, thus increasing click-through rate (CTR) and traffic.

A Game Changer With My Great SEO Tips

Of course, if you are not well-versed on SEO, other factors will vary in your SERPs ranking, like forgetting certain on-page/off-page/technical SEO components.

That’s why I suggest you know what is and how to execute SEO before reading my website SEO tips.

As these SEO tips are to enhance your SERPs ranking, I strongly believe you’ll see a soar in your rankings if you make the changes accordingly.

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