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As I am featured on several articles for my digital marketing tips, I’ve compiled them and made this article with a list of my contributions.

Digital Marketing Tips 1: Know Your Blogging Goals​

Digital Marketing Tips Blogging

Your overall goals impact the metrics you’ll track, as Bryan NG of Bryan Digital explains: “Say you are selling things online, you would want to track conversions. But if you are just writing based on building awareness, traffic and bounce rate are good indicators for it.”

You always want to track the right metrics for your website and marketing campaign.

Digital Marketing Tips 2: Look For Common Issues Like Grammar/Spelling Errors

Digital Marketing Tips Grammar Spelling Errors

“Look out for grammar and typo errors,” says Bryan Ng of Bryan Digital. “Use Grammarly; its free version is good enough to identify and correct your mistakes.”

Whether you are doing SEO, Facebook Ads, or even traditional print ads, watch your grammar and spelling error.

You do not want your content to look like a joke to your audiences. It speaks a lot about an organisation.

Digital Marketing Tips 3: URL Categories, Rich Snippets, Local Business

Digital Marketing Services - Search Engine Optimisation SEO

“Any SEO tips work almost the same across different industries:

URL Categories

You need to structure your URL by categories. What does it mean?

If your hotel has different locations, you can sort them like: ‘’ or ‘’.

You can even sort them by countries: ‘’ or ‘’.

This way, search engine crawlers understand more about your business and website.

Rich Snippets

There are several rich snippets/schema markup data you can utilise for Hotel:

Reviews & Ratings (This schema shows the number of votes and stars rating) Price (This schema shows the cost of your accommodation)

Most businesses in the hotel industry use these schemas, so it stands out in search engine result pages to the users. It is because most customers are review and price-conscious.

Local Business

Set up Google My Business and/or Bing Places. They are free.

Register every single one of your locations. This can show your businesses address in their maps as well as their search engines. You want your hotels to be found everywhere, right?”

No matter what industry you are in, you could always leverage on categorising URL, implementing schema markup data, and set up search engine local business profile. If possible, always optimise your website for search engines.

Digital Marketing Tips 4: Focus On Personalization

Digital Marketing Tips Email Marketing

As Bryan from points out, you can also personalize your campaigns based on how your customers have interacted with your previous emails. 

“After sending out your campaign, follow up with another re-marketing campaign to those who’ve opened and show interest to your email. This is proven to increase the conversion rate, converting leads into sales and existing customers to loyal customers.” he writes

Email marketing is one of the most effective direct marketing tools for conversions and leads generation. Furthermore, it’s not very time consuming, costly, or difficult to craft an email campaign.

Digital Marketing Tips 5: Pay Attention To Session Duration

Digital Marketing Tips Data Analytics

In addition to the bounce rate, Bryan Ng of Bryan Digital recommends looking at session duration. 

“Look at the session duration on your page to gauge if your users complete reading it,” says Ng. “Say if your content has a 5 minutes read and session duration only last 1 minute, I am pretty sure they did not cover all of your content. You need to investigate and make the necessary adjustment.” 

Besides tracking the session duration, you want to track where your users have clicked or how far they have scrolled with a website heatmap tool.

This sums up my digital marketing tips for 2020. I hope these digital marketing tips will aid you in the challenging year ahead.

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