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Hi, I am Bryan Ng, the founder of Bryan Digital. I generate leads, enquiries, and sales with the following digital marketing services:

Digital Marketing Services Google Ads Service


Increase website visibility in Google search engine results pages and its network through paid advertising​.​

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Digital Marketing Services - Search Engine Optimisation SEO

Search Engine

Increase website visibility in search engine results pages (Google, Bing etc.) to gain free traffic without paid advertising.

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Digital Marketing Services Social Media Marketing

Social Media

Increase brand awareness and generating leads or sales by advertising on social media platforms.

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Why Use My Digital Marketing Services?

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Digital Marketing Courses

I also empower others on digital marketing, conducting digital marketing courses:

Introduction To
Digital Marketing

Learn about digital marketing. Highly suitable for people who wish to get started in digital marketing for their career or business.

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Search Engine
Optimisation Course

Learn how to increase website visibility in search engine results pages (Google, Bing etc.) to gain free traffic without paid advertising.

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Digital Marketing Services F.A.Q

Digital marketing services are the utilisation of digital marketing channels performed by a service provider who must be a specialist in digital marketing.

Digital marketing channels comprises of various online mediums that require internet to access. Here are some channels:

  • Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Email Marketing

Digital marketing is important because the world is rapidly evolving into the digital era where a majority of the population is using the internet.

According to a source, 3.8 billion people are using the internet in 2017. Businesses using digital marketing are getting countless leads and sales from this big pool of online audiences.

There are 5 benefits of digital marketing any big or small businesses can gain from:

  • Cost Control

The budget you need for digital marketing is usually much lesser than traditional marketing, plus you have full control over it.

You can flexibly set the budget you want. Even an amount of $10 daily can run a campaign on Facebook or Google Ads.

  • Enhanced Experience 

Digital platforms like a website and social media enhanced your customer’s experience with your business. 

  • Extended Reach

You can easily reach out to local and overseas audiences with little investments by executing regional digital marketing with the correct configurations.

  • Increased Conversions 

There are various digital marketing methods used to generate leads, convert leads into sales and eventually turn sales into your loyal customers.

  • Trackable Results

You can measure your digital marketing campaigns with web analytics like Google Analytics.

Also, you are able to gather useful data to aid in your marketing strategy and other business decisions.

Every big or small business can leverage digital marketing to scale up their business. You need to engage my digital marketing services if you have insufficient knowledge of executing them, or not enough resources to hire a full-time digital marketer.

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